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Are Mushrooms Safe for Dogs


Dog have some bizarre behaviors. Owners would wonder why the pet that is regularly provided with premium quality feeds would still have the propensity to crop grass. Does the dog thinks of the green grass on the yard as crunchy salad garnished with mushroom? Dogs commonly eat grass with no dangerous effects aside from a vomiting spell. But mushrooms would be another matter especially if the dog has ingested “death caps” or Amanita phalloides. This specie of mushroom is poisonous not only to dogs but also to humans.

Vegetables are usually given by dog owners wanting to ensure the overall health of the pet. Mushrooms are nutritious vegetables in fact they are considered as the meat in the world of vegetables. Mushroom has all the essential nutrients needed to ensure the health of the pet. Dogs can gain the healthful benefits humans get from eating mushrooms. Dogs would get niacin, riboflavin and other vitamins from mushrooms. This human food contains high levels of antioxidants. Cancer is one of the common causes of dog deaths. Dog owners would incorporate mushrooms in the dogs diet hoping to lessen the effects of cancer causing free radicals in the dogs body.

Mushrooms will definitely improve the dogs quality of life. Mushrooms in the dogs diet though has one danger – poisoning. To save the pet from poisoning, only mushroom bought from the grocer should be given to the pet. Preventing the dog from eating just any kind of mushroom can be difficult because dogs have the inclination to wander and to eat anything that catches their fancy.

Mushrooms would be very hard to identify as they almost look the same and the edible ones can grow right beside the poisonous species. Poisonous mushrooms can pop up alongside edible ones in the yard. Not all dogs eat mushrooms, some eat only cooked ones but when they eat grass mushrooms will be eaten as well.

Dog will indeed get lots of healthful benefits if owners include mushrooms in the dogs diet. However, dog owners have to be vigilant in preventing the dog from eating mushrooms that have popped up overnight in the yard or in the nearby woods. Not many dog owners have the ability to identify mushrooms thus to prevent the dog from being poisoned, all the mushrooms must be removed from the areas where the dog plays.

Want to know more about if dogs can eat mushrooms? Sarah’s Dogs has the answer to this and many other questions about dog food. In addition you can find out about hundreds of dog breeds.

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