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First aid treatment for abrasion


Time and time again, a dog owner has to deal with the injuries sustained by the pet. Dog are very energetic animals. As such, dogs are often injured. Dogs are injured from dog fights. Dogs would not mind going into thorny thicket and to run at top speed to follow a prey. Dogs run very fast and a screeching sound can be practically heard when they try to break the momentum. Every dog owner will be faced with the need to deal with the injuries sustained by the pet. Thorns can get embedded on the paws. Dogs can be injured by sharp tree branches. The owner and the dog would be lucky if the pet only sustained minor scrapes and grazes.

Abrasion results when the top layer of the skin is abraded. Because the skin is protected by fur, abrasion does not commonly occur in dogs . As mentioned, dogs are very active animals and a scratch or an abrasion results when the skin is rubbed against a hard or rough surface. The grinding of the skin against a gravel road or against rocky surfaces can injure the upper layer of the skin. A dog hit and dragged by a car would have abraded skin. A dog’s neck can have abraded skin is the collar is tightly fitted. The superficial damage to the skin can be caused by the dog’s self mutilation. Bored dogs or dogs infested with external parasites have the tendency to incessantly gnaw and lick a body part until abrasions are formed.

Abrasion is not a life threatening condition for the dog. Usually, grazes or scrapes are not heavy bleeders as in most cases the epidermis is not affected. Normally, abrasions do not result to scarring as the subcutaneous layers of the skin are not affected. Minor abrasions still need to be treated because of the risk of infection. Additionally, scrapes would be very painful.

Minor abrasions can be treated at home. The fur around the wound must be clipped. This must be done to prevent infection and to speed up the healing process. Use saline solution to clean the wound. A solution made from 2 cups of water and a teaspoon salt can also be used to irrigate the wound. All dirt must be flushed away from the wound.

A topical antibiotic cream must be applied to the wound three times a day. No bandaging is necessary for small abrasions. However, abrasions on the feet have to be protected with a non-stick dressing to prevent infection from setting in.

Find out more about abrasions and first aid for dogs at Sarah’s Dogs.

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