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Is Broccoli Safe for Dogs


Dogs are considered as members of the family thus owners would want the pet to live as long as possible. Dogs are well loved – even pampered and owners would provide everything needed to make the pet as comfortable as possible. As long as the health of the pet is ensured, the dog would not mind spending top dollar for the premium quality pet foods. The kind of diet provided by the owner will naturally have an effect on the dog’s overall health. Commercial foods advertised to be of high quality may not contain the adequate nutrients needed by the dog. Supplements and vitamins will still be given by dog owners to the pet. The dog will still get foods that are known to be healthful to humans.

Dog owners have proven that dogs can gain a lot of healthful benefits from fruits and vegetables. However, in spite of the similarities in genetics some foods that can be safely eaten by humans are dangerous to dogs.

Broccoli is one of the people foods noted to have toxic effects to dogs. Broccoli is another health food. This dark green vegetable is considered to be one if not the most nutritious vegetable as it contains higher levels of nutrients as compared to other vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables are must-eat vegetables because of the nutrients they contain and broccoli is a cruciferous veggie. Broccoli contains phytochemicals, the anti-aging and cancer fighting compounds.

Unfortunately, broccoli is one of the vegetables considered dangerous to dogs. Along with the healthful benefits of broccoli are the toxic effects thus dog owner are hesitant in giving this vegetable to the pet. Dog owners have to understand that this vegetable is safe for the dog as long as the amount ingested is not more that 10% of the diet. Isothiocyanate, the substance found in broccoli is what makes this vegetable dangerous to dogs. Effects of isothiocyanate is fatal if the dog’s ingestion of broccoli is more than 25% of the diet.

Vegetables are good for the dog. Dogs are not picky eaters but adding broccoli to the dry kibble would make the pet relish the food even more. Vegetables are not fattening thus the owner can indulge the voracious appetite of the pet without worrying about obesity. Dog owners though have to makes sure that the amount of broccoli consumed by the dog does not exceed the amount that can be tolerated by the dog’s system.

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